Rickie Bradshaw

Pastor First Southwest Baptist Church

Rickie Bradshaw is pastor of First Southwest Baptist Church. He has served as lead pastor for thirty-one years. In the July 2007 issue of Outreach Magazine, First Southwest Baptist was named among the top 25 multiplying churches in North America by Dr. Ed Stetzer of Life Way Research.
For 23 years he has served as a Church Consultant for Union Baptist Association in Houston, Texas. As a consultant at Union Baptist Association, he is responsible for church planting, community transformation, church leadership development and church consultations for transforming revival in the Criminal Justice System. Because of his work in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice System, Rev. Bradshaw was named the 2016 volunteer of the year. He has trained and mobilized revival teams in prisons and community of Churches across Region Three of Texas Department of Criminal Justice. He also serves as pastor at First Southwest Baptist for 31 years.

As a revival catalyst he has served as a regional mobilizer with Intercessors For America and he has served as a global mobilizer for transforming revival with the International Fellowship of Transformational Partners, a ministry partner of the Sentinel Group. He is also a member of Transform World USA. He is a member of the executive team of Pray Houston, a ministry for Community Transformation, and he also serves as a Community prayer mobilizer for revival and spiritual awakening. Presently he is conducting Prayer Camps for revival and spiritual awakening.

Education: Rev. Bradshaw acquired his Theological Education at the College of Biblical Studies and he has received Honorary Doctorates in New Testament Theology from Clay Bible College and Seminary and International Kingdom Christian Seminary in Christian Ministry.
Birth Place: Houston, Texas USA
Married: Dreka
Children: 7 Ages: 22-37 years of age
Contact Information: rickiebradshaw@ubahouston.org